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The Formal Safety Analysis Platform

About the FSAP development group

The FSAP group works within the Embedded Systems Unit of of FBK. Our goal is to provide a useful tool for safety analysis; one which allows system designers and safety engineers to work together on a common platform. We continue to develop FSAP and NuSMV-SA and strive to ease system design and safety analysis with one tool.

The "ES" Unit ("Embedded Systems Unit") is a research unit of the Center for the Scientific and Technological Research of FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler).

The mission of the Embedded Systems Unit is centered around two main objectives: top quality scientific research and innovative social/market impact. We believe that the dialogue and negotiation between scientific objectives and social/market goals is the core of a positive virtuous loop that gives value to both research and applications. Innovation in our group occurs through a continuous and transversal dialogue across different scientific competencies, taking into account research, business, and social competencies along strategic areas of impact.