Warning: this page and the FSAP tool are no longer maintained
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The Formal Safety Analysis Platform

The FSAP platform has been developed by the Embedded Systems Unit of FBK within the framework of the ESACS and ISAAC projects. FSAP relies on several tools and libraries outlined below.



m4 is a macro processor used in FSAP to prepare the input files used by NuSMV-SA. m4 is already available in many Unix-like environments and is only distributed with FSAP for Windows. The GNU implementation of m4 distributed with FSAP is covered by the GNU GPL. In accordance with this license the source files can be found at http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/m4.htm along with m4 documentation and the Windows executable.
A copy of the GNU GPL is included with the FSAP Windows installer.


Gnuplot is a data and function plotting tool, which can be used with FSAP to graph trace or simulation results from NuSMV-SA. Gnuplot is not included with the FSAP distribution but can be easily downloaded and used with FSAP. The location of of the gnuplot executable must be set in the FSAP 'Preferences' and can then be used with the Plotter for all trace files produced by NuSMV-SA.



FLTK, the Fast Light ToolKit, is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit, which enables development for UNIX/Linux, Windows, and MacOS X operating systems. FLTK allows us to run FSAP on any of the OSs listed above and makes it possible to develop a completely functional, yet "light" interface for our tool.


Expat is an XML parser library written in C, used by FSAP for reading XML files.


MinGW is a porting of the GNU development tools on Windows, which enable us to compile FSAP for Windows without dependencies on other C runtime libraries.