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ISAAC (Improvement of Safety Activities on Aeronautical Complex systems): The European Project in whose context the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform is being developed.

ESACS (Enhanced Safety Assessment for Complex Systems): The previous European Project under which the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform was developed.


ES Research Unit (Embedded Systems Research Unit). The FBK unit in which the FSAP/NuSMV-SA tool is being developed.


NuSMV 2. A state of the art model checker, developed at FBK, used as the engine of the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform.

Development and Support Tools

MinGW. A free porting on Windows of the GNU development tools. It comes with MinSYS, that provides a shell and some common UNIX utilities.

Cygwin. A free UNIX emulation layer providing substantial UNIX API functionality and a collection of ported UNIX tools.

Gnuplot. A copyrighted but freely distributable command-driven interactive function program for plotting functions and data points in both two- and three-dimensional plots.

FLTK. A copyrighted, but freely distributable, cross-platform C++ graphical user interface toolkit which supports 3D graphics with OpenGL®.

Expat. Expat is a non-validating XML parser library written in C.

M4 for Windows. M4 is a macro-processing tool. This is a port of the GNU m4 to Windows.

Nullsoft install. Nullsoft install is a program for creating self-installing applications.


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