FSAP/NuSMV-SA 0.9.5-2 Release Notes

These are the release notes of FSAP/NuSMV-SA 0.9.5-2, code name Tsunami.

This is the last release before cycle 2. It is the first of a group of releases that will be named after atmospheric events.


What's New
Main Features
Known Bugs
Old Release Notes

What's New

This release of the FSAP platform delivers some new features and addresses various usability and portability topics mainly related to portability of SAT and dependencies from external applications.

In detail, the major improvements are:

Known Bugs

The format supported by FTD is not yet fully compliant with the Isograph FaultTree+ tabular format.

Even though such limitation does not affect the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform (since the Fault Trees produced by NuSMV-SA are fully compatible with the FSAP Fault Tree Displayer and with Isograph FT+), certain limitations apply if you intend to use the FSAP Fault Tree Displayer for displaying fault trees produced by Isograph Fault Tree+ or by other ESACS implementations.

In particular the Fault Tree Displayer:

Main Features

The main features of the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform are:


This section is taken from the ReadMe.txt file available with the distribution of FSAP/NuSMV-SA.

FSAP/NuSMV-SA is cross-platform and pre-compiled binaries are available for the following platforms:

In order to correctly run FSAP/NuSMV-SA on Windows, the following tools are needed:


Windows Platforms. Installation procedure on Windows platform uses the standard approach.

  1. Download the relevant FSAP-Setup.exe file from the Download page.

  2. Double click on FSAP-Setup.exe and follow the instructions.

(The procedure assumes the required tools to be already installed on the system.)

Unix Platforms. The only *nix platform for which we provide pre-compiled binaries is Red Hat Linux. Compiled versions for other *nix like systems are available on demand.

  1. Download the relevant .zip file from the Download page.

  2. Unzip the package in a directory of your choice.

Release Notes of older Versions

Click here to see the release notes of all the previous versions of the FSAP/NuSMV-SA platform.


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